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Mary LaPlantMary LaPlant has an exceptional musical gift. She composes beautiful compositions, plays the piano, and, oh yes - there is that violin/fiddle that has won her much acclaim. With a classical foundation, Mary's style is lyrical and sure, even when she is playing run-away fiddle tunes. At this time, she is a three-time Minnesota State Fiddle Champion (be sure it is not stopping there).

Her passions have always extended beyond her dedication to family (she is a full-time mom to Emily and Jedidiah) to two other callings; violin and the environment. She has loved nature as long as she can remember. When she was little she used to try and find a place in her bedroom where she could lie down and see nothing but trees and sky out of her window. When Mary went to college she followed the "red carpet" of scholarships and expectations and studied violin. She loved music, but her concern for the environment was stronger, so she decided to study Forestry and its broad blend of natural sciences. There at the University of Wisconsin she studied soils, water, wildlife, trees...the environment as a whole working system (as she puts it, "God's provision for us that we have a responsibility to be good stewards of"). Mary graduated with a Bachelor Of Science in Forestry, (with a music minor) - became a Professional Forester with the U.S. Forest Service, and worked in Ely. MN.

Mary met Donny LaPlant (of the renowned LaPlant family of award-winning musicians and luthiers) at a fiddle contest (her first exposure to any music other than classical). They married in 1987 and Mary traded a 10 year career that she deeply loved for something she loved more - family. They lost their first daughter (Allison, whom her first CD is dedicated to). But Mary kept on - raising her other 2 children and playing and teaching violin. Now, Mary can see all of her passions coming together - as she puts it: "When I'm playing violin and when I'm in the forest, time stands still and I am fully alive."

Mary LaPlant - Just Fiddlin' Around
Just Fiddlin' Around
World-class fiddle tunes, traditional and bluegrass infused...this instrumental album by Minnesota State Fiddle Champion Mary LaPlant features hand-built LaPlant instruments (mandolin and guitar) accompanying Mary's award-winning violin/fiddle.
CD Price: $14.97Get more information about this CD or purchase it!
Mary LaPlant - Out of Nowhere
Out of Nowhere
Mary LaPlant's sophmore effort finds her playing a collection of original and traditional pieces inspired by bluegrass, classical, gospel, folk and celtic music blended with songbirds, wolves and loons.
CD Price: $14.97Get more information about this CD or purchase it!
Mary LaPlant - Serenity
Mary LaPlant's first album, where she plays some traditional tunes as well as some of her own. Includes "Sorrow's Joy", written in memory of her daughter Allison.
CD Price: $14.97Get more information about this CD or purchase it!

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