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Becky SchlegelSinger-songwriter Becky Schlegel has emerged at the forefront of the Upper Midwest's bluegrass, country and acoustic rock scene. Raised in the central South Dakota town of Kimball (pop. 700) Becky Schlegel has been making music as long as she can remember. She took piano lessons from kindergarten through her senior year in high school and sang in choir and church events. When she was still in junior high, she joined her mother's professional country band, The Country Benders.

With the band, Becky traveled throughout South Dakota playing dances at VFW and American Legion halls. She gained further stage experience when she joined the Mountain Music Show in the Black Hills of South Dakota, singing and playing keyboards for a country and bluegrass music show seven nights a week from Memorial Day to Labor day over the course of four summers. She also produced and released two cassettes showcasing her solid country style.

Becky Schlegel formed the band True Blue in March 1997. Their first official event was a fundraiser for the Minnesota Bluegrass & Old-Time Music Association, where they caused an immediate sensation. In 1998, Becky Schlegel & True Blue recorded and released their debut CD, This Lonesome Song, which was nominated for 1998 Bluegrass Recording of the Year by the Minnesota Music Academy.

The band was invited to showcase at the International Bluegrass Music Association's annual trade show in October 1999. The next month they appeared on Garrison Keillor's public radio show, A Prairie Home Companion, which was broadcast from Rapid City, South Dakota. Becky Schlegel & True Blue won the Bluegrass Band of the Year award for 2000, given by the Minnesota Music Academy. Summer 2000 found the band performing at numerous festivals, including the WEfest Country Music Festival and the Minnesota Bluegrass & Old-Time Music Festival.

Already an accomplished singer, guitar player, and performer, Becky Schlegel has developed a strong voice as a songwriter. The year 2001 saw her recording her second CD, Red Leaf, featuring the talents of acoustic luminaries Peter Ostroushko, Marc Anderson and John Niemann.

In February 2002 the title song, "Red Leaf," was awarded "Minnesota Song of the Year" at the Minnesota Music Festival, sponsored by the Northfield, MN Chamber of Commerce. Becky toured extensively during 2002 in support of Red Leaf. In September of 2002, she was honored with four Minnesota Music Academy nominations and given awards for Bluegrass/Old-Time Artist of the Year and Bluegrass/Old-Time Recording of the year. She was honored with the Bluegrass Artist of the Year by the MMA again in 2003 and 2004.

Twin Cities Revue says, "Vocalist and frontwoman Becky Schlegel is blessed with a pure, chiming, miracle of a voice....When the [song] finds her longing for her home in 'the hills of West Virginia,' it doesn't really matter if she lives in Minnesota-the heartfelt phrasing and strong, emotive singing illustrate clearly that home, regardless of geography, is a place where one is loved."

Becky Schlegel - Dandelion
A bright, soft, intimate look at loved ones: losing them, getting rid of them, finding them and enjoying them. Becky's voice captivates and enthralls over the top of gentle piano, sweet-slamming banjo and masters of rhythm. This might well be Schlegel's most "commercial country" effort to date, and without sacrificing an ounce of artistic integrity or her bluegrass heritage. The 13-song collection is filled with Schlegel originals and features an all-star cast of supporting players.
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Becky Schlegel - For All The World To See
For All The World To See
Perhaps the most wholly-representative of Becky's works. The 11 intricate arrangements feature the judicious placement of Fesler's banjo, Marc Anderson's percussion, Bo Ramsey's electric guitar, Gordon Johnson's bass, Jeff Midkiff's mandolin, and Schlegel's singing and writing make this album a perfect jewel. "Before we recorded these songs," Schlegel explains, "We took a step back and asked what the song wanted not what we wanted for the song." This approach led to musical accompaniment that is rich, yet sparse enough to leave "space" for Becky's breathtaking vocal nuances and for the listener to explore the meaning of her songs.
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Becky Schlegel - Country Ballads
Country Ballads
A fresh take on traditional country, Becky wends her way through some of the finest ballads in the history of country music. Never short on emotion, always on top of the notes that make you smile, cry and remember the finest times of your life. From the opening "End of the World" straight from the songbook of Skeeter Davis ("Don't they know, it's the end of the world..."), you know Becky's got what it takes to sing country. And, just as Skeeter was one of the first stars to cross over from country to pop music, Becky is just right for any audience.
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Becky Schlegel - Heartaches
After years of requests, Becky has released an album that pays homage to the music she grew up on, including her most-requested number, "If You Leave Me". Guest artists include Rich Dworsky (music director from A Prairie Home Companion), bluegrass superstar Randy Kohr, fiddling by Ronnie Stewart (the Dan Tyminski Band), and Pieta Brown (daughter of Greg Brown).
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Becky Schlegel - Drifter Like Me
Drifter Like Me
Long-awaited by critics and audiences alike, the album features eleven original songs, from the spirited "Let it Ride" to the plaintive "Tell Me Now" to the stunning "No Angel." Brian Fesler on banjo and guitar is featured on all of the songs, and Becky is joined by Gordon Johnson on bass, Clay Hess on mandolin and guitar, Larry Beem on Dobro, Richard Nunneley on mandolin and Jim White on harmony vocals.
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Becky Schlegel - Red Leaf
Red Leaf
Red Leaf takes off where Lonesome left off: in a new musical direction blending bluegrass, folk and pop in a style that's all her own. Becky's songs run the gamut from personal and heart-achey to sweet and homey. Recorded at the renowned MasterMix studios in Minnesota, it features the talents of acoustic luminaries Peter Ostroushko, Marc Anderson, and John Niemann.
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This Lonesome Song
This Lonesome Song
The first CD by bluegrass superstar Becky Schlegel. The CD that established Becky and her band True Blue as one of the Midwest's most accomplished and acclaimed bluegrass groups.
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