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Ethnic Musical Instruments

We offer a wide variety of ethnic musical instruments, including Celtic harps, bodhrans, bagpipes, Irish Uilleann pipes, doumbeks, Shaman drums, African djembes and ashikos, Indian sitars and tablas and much more. The ethnic instruments we carry are used in numerous styles of traditional music, from folk to celtic to classical. And choosing just the right instrument is made easier, since every type of ethnic instrument has information on its development and use.

Whatever your musical taste - Celtic, African, Mideastern, Indian, indigenous peoples - we have an ethnic musical instrument for you.

SALE ETHNIC INSTRUMENTS! These are items that are blemished (but still work just fine), overstocked, or are on clearance. Quantities on all items are limited, and when they're gone, they're gone.

IMPORTANT NOTICE! Health and sanitary regulations prohibit the exchange or return for credit of any mouth blown instrument.

SPECIAL NOTE - No Warranty on Strings: Manufacturers recommend that you change the strings on your instrument as soon as you receive it. Your instrument has completed a long journey before it ever begins the final leg to your home. During this time the elements affect the strings and may shorten their lifespan. It occasionally happens that a string will fail during that final leg of the journey. Therefore, it is recommended that you purchase a replacement set of strings and consider changing your strings soon after it arrives. If you are a student you may want to change your strings every 3-4 months. If you store your instrument, you should consider changing the strings when you pick it up again.

International Customers: Please click here before placing an order to view payment and shipping details.

Overstocked, blemished, and clearance ethnic instruments on sale 40% to 75% off!

   Ashiko Accessories
   Tycoon Ashikos
Bodhrans (Celtic Drums) -
   Tacked Bodhrans
   Inside Tunable Bodhrans
   Outside Tunable Bodhrans
   Bodhran Accessories new items added 9/19/2014!
Bongos (Bongo Drums)
   Bongo (Bongo Drums) Accessories
   Tycoon Artist Bongos
   Tycoon Ritmo Bongos
   Tycoon Supremo Bongos
   Remo Djembes
   Tycoon Artist Series Djembes
   Tycoon Supremo Series Djembes
   Djembe Accessories
Drum Tables
Doumbeks -
   Alexandria Doumbeks
   Alexandria Doumbek Accessories
   Aluminum Turkish Doumbeks
   Brass Doumbeks
   Copper Doumbeks
   Doumbek Cases
   Doumbek Heads
   Doumbek Instruction Books, CDs and DVDs
   Egyptian Wooden Doumbeks
   Mother of Pearl Doumbeks
   Metal Doumbeks
   Metal Doumbek Accessories
   Remo Doumbeks
   Rosewood Doumbeks
   Small Ceramic Doumbeks
   Small Aluminum Doumbeks
   Wood Veneer Doumbeks
Frame Drum Accessories
   Small Ceramic Doumbeks
Jug Drums (Ghatams and Matkas)
Hudaks (Talking Drums)
Kids Percussion® - Kids Drums By Remo
Medieval Style Drums
Paddle Drums
Remo Buffalo Drums
Remo Kids Lollipop Drums
Remo Spring Drums
Renaissance Style Drums
Slit Log Drums
Standing Drums
   Tablas, Separate Drums
   Tabla Accessories
Tabor Drums
Tar Frame Drums
Tycoon Congas -
   Tycoon Signature Classic Natural Congas
   Tycoon Signature Classic Red Congas
   Tycoon Signature Classic Blue Congas
   Tycoon Signature Grand Series Congas
   Tycoon Signature Heritage Series Congas
   Tycoon Master Classic Natural Series Congas
   Tycoon Master Classic Series Red Congas
   Tycoon Master Classic Series Blue Congas
   Tycoon Master Fantasy Siam Series Congas
   Tycoon Master Fantasy Bali Series Congas
   Tycoon Master Fantasy Tiger Series Congas
   Tycoon Master Platinum Fade Series Congas
   Tycoon Master Platinum Tri-Fade Series Congas
   Tycoon Master Platinum Sunrise Fade Series Congas
   Tycoon Master Diamond Series Congas
   Tycoon Master Antique Series Congas
   Tycoon Master Tour Series Congas
   Tycoon Master Handcrafted Original Series Congas
   Tycoon Master Handcrafted Pinstripe Series Congas
   Tycoon Master Grand Series Congas
   Tycoon Concerto Red Pearl Congas
   Tycoon Concerto Red Spectrum Congas
   Tycoon Concerto Blue Spectrum Congas
   Tycoon Concerto Green Spectrum Congas
Tupan Drums

Miscellaneous Instruments and Other Items:
Belly Dance Accessories
   Belly Dance Ankle Bells new items added 1/25/2015!
   Belly Dance Coins
   Brass Belly Dance Belts and Belly Dance Bra Covers
   Finger Cymbals
   Nickeled Brass Belly Dance Belts and Belly Dance Bra Covers
   Qarkabeb - Moroccan Castanets

Percussion Instruments:
Agogos (Agogo Bells)
Bell and Dorje

Bell Trees
Gongs - Gongs, Chinese Gongs, Wind gongs, Tibetan gongs
   Gong Accessories new items added 8/5/2014!
   Gong Stands
Kalimbas (also called mbiras, likembes, sansas, thumb pianos, and finger harps) new items added 5/26/2014!
Musical Bells
Rain Sticks
   Arabic Style Tambourines
   Riqs / Egyptian Tambourines
   Featherweight Tambourines
   Fish Tambourines
   Rosewood Tambourines
   Star Tambourines
   Tambourine Accessories
Singing Bowls

String Instruments:
Afghani Rebabs
Baglama Saz
   Baglama Saz Accessories
Bulbul Tarang (Indian Banjo)
   Cumbus Accessories
Dulcimers - American Hammered Dulcimers, Mountain Dulcimers, and Santoors
   Dulcimer Accessories new items added 5/26/2014!
   Dulcimer Instruction Books, CDs and DVDs
   Celtic Style Harps
   Cross-Strung Harps
   Harp Accessories, Celtic Style
   Harp Accessories, Round Back
   Harp Instruction Books
   Harp String Sets new items added 11/6/2014!
   Harp Tables
   Kinnor Harps
   Lute Harps
   Lyre Harps
   Mini Harps
   Nevel Harps new items added 5/27/2014!
   Round Back Harps
Lutes new items added 11/19/2014!
   Lute Accessories new items added 9/19/2014!
   Lute String Sets New Item!
   Oud Accessories new items added 9/19/2014!
   Oud String Sets
   Psaltery Accessories new items added 5/26/2014!
Sitars -
   Fusion Sitars
   Left-Handed Sitars
   Sitar Accessories (sitar cases, bridges, tuning pegs, and pick ups)
   Sitar Instruction (sitar instruction videos, DVS, CDs, and books)
   Sitar Cases
   Sitar Strings
   Sitar Toombas
   Sitar Tuning Pegs
Sur Bahars (Surbahars)
Tamburas (or Tanpuras) new items added 2/19/2014!
    Tambura (or Tanpura) Accessories, including tanpura cases, tanpura bridges, and tanpura strings
    Veena Accessories, including bridges, string sets, tuning peg sets, cases and instruction books

Wind Instruments:
Bagpipes - Highland Bagpipes, Uilleann bagpipes, Medieval Smallpipes and Mediterranean Bagpipes (Greek or Arabic)
   Halfsize, Miniature, and Toy Bagpipes
   Bagpipe Accessories - cases, covers, bags, replacement chanters, seasoning
   Bagpipes Instruction Books, Tapes and CDs
   Bagpipe Practice Chanters new items added 11/19/2014!
Bansuri Flutes
Bulb Taxi Horns
Conch Horns and Conch Horn Rollers
Duduks - an Armenian folk instrument
   Harmonium Accessories
Irish Flutes
   Mizmar Accessories
Native American Flutes
Shruti Boxes
Snake Charmer Flutes (Pungi)