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The bodhran is the traditional Celtic frame drum. The cross braces and laminated rosewood strengthen the shell of this goatskin-covered drum. With a rich deep sound, these drums are great fun even if you have not mastered the traditional playing. Bodhrans come in a number of styles, but basically just two types: tacked or fixed-head bodhrans, and then there are the Bodhrans with tunable heads. The natural skin heads of the Bodhran will react to changes in temperature and humidity. Tunable Bodhrans are best when you will be playing in uncontrolled climatic conditions. You can adjust the tension easily for hot dry days or humid days.

Taking Care of Bodhrans
The natural skin drum heads should be treated with care. The head can be punctured or scarred by improper handling. Do not expose them to extremes in temperature or humidity. Too much moisture will make the drum head loosen, but then as it dries it may over tighten and damage the frame. If your drum's sound seems too dull because of the humidity you may wish to apply some heat. Some professional drummers keep a heating pad on stage to adjust their drum heads.

We've broken down our bodhrans into categories to allow you to better locate just the right bodhran.

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