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Music from the Coffee Lands

Music from the Coffee Lands - a Putumayo Blend: Melodic music evocative of aromatic cafes around the world.

Music from the Coffee Lands

1. Julian Avalos • Guajira Bonita • (Peru)
2. Claudia Gomez • Soltarlo • (Colombia)
3. Samite • Wasuze Otya? • (Uganda)
4. Susana Baca • Maria Lando • (Peru)
5. Luiz de Aquino • Noites Claras • (Brazil)
6. Ernest Ranglin • Below the Bassline • (Jamaica)
7. Thomas Mapfumo • Hanzvadzi • (Zimbabwe)
8. Los Tradicionales de Carlos Puebla • Dilema • (Cuba)
9. Café Tacuba • Esa noche • (Mexico)
10. James "Bla" Pahinui • Gabby Kai • (Hawaii)
11. Ayub Ogada • Kothbiro • (Kenya)
12. Juan Carlos Ureña • Este Son • (Costa Rica)
13. Ricardo Lemvo & Makina Loca • La Milonga • (Congo)

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Coffee has always had romantic resonance. Cowboys and vaqueros crouched by campfires on tiptoe, squinting into the smoke and cradling a tin cup of range brew. Humphrey Bogart's droopy eyes peering over a steaming cup of Java in Casablanca. Sensationalistic photos of beatniks in dark basements, dressed in black reading poetry, listening to jazz and sipping tiny cups of espresso. The smell of your grandma's kitchen on a Saturday morning, the air heavy with the smell of bacon, pancakes and coffee.

Coffee has always been there in the background, like a dark liquid melody, perfuming the air with the scent of lands far away and unlimited possibilities. So sit back, enjoy the music, and sip away.

A portion of Putumayo's proceeds from the sale of this CD is donated to Coffee Kids in support of their efforts to help thousands of people in coffee-producing regions in Mexico and Central America improve the quality of their lives and build more sustainable communities.

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