Robin Adnan Anders
Antone and Adnan (Antonio Albarran and Robin Anders) are at it again, connecting with the inner rhythms of the universe and using them to transport their listeners through the cosmos with multiple world drums, Bouzouki and Octave Mandolins, Indian Tabla and Flutes and more. They find themselves playing for a party for one of the new "private" space adventure companies. It seems the Board of Directors figured "If we're going to put people into space they're going to need entertainment!" To make a shorty story long, it turns out they are now officially the first musical ensemble to perform on the moon. Can you believe it? They would like to most humble thank the great American Rythm and Blues artist Otis Redding for the title of their new 8 track record.

Track Listing
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1. Berber
2. Zumbob Wayout
3. Mango Tango
4. The Breath of the Cobra
5. Eleven Monkeys
6. Gilgamesh
7. Zanzibar
8. Tunisian Wind
9. Corinthian Slap
10. Anderslusian

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Robin Adnan Anders - The Darbuki Kings - Been Laden You Too Long Item Number: 89830400223
Artist: Robin Adnan Anders
Title: The Darbuki Kings - Been Laden You Too Long
Label: Darbuki King Records
Format: CD
Released: 2009
Number of Discs: 1
Run Length: 60 min
Price: $14.97

In Stock
Been Laden You Too Long - The Darbuki Kings

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