Live at Beaners
In September of 2002, 25 acts played at Beaner's Central, an all ages music venue in Duluth, Minnesota. This CD is a visual and audio scrapbook of those shows, celebrating three years of art and music. If you buried this CD in the ground for 50 years and dug it up when we're all old and grey, you would have a good time capsule.

Track Listing
  Disc 1
1. Haley Bonar - Save A Horse Ride A Cowboy
  2. Erik Koskinen - Clarksville
  3. Sterling Waters - Let It Go
  4. Dukes of Hubbard - Ann Marie
5. Martin Devany - Landlord's Daughter
  6. Latona' Thirst - Life
  7. Ryan Deblock - Beneath Her Feet
  8. No Room To Pogo - Easy
  9. Blacklabels - Blackboard Jungle
10. Super D and the Double Chucks - Green Apple Jam
  11. The Heed - Family
  12. Railroad Street Jazz - St. Thomas
  Disc 2
1. Charlie Parr - 1922
  2. Teague Alexy - Sidesteppin' Man
  3. Erick Douglass Taska - Be My Star
  4. Marcus P. Dandy - Obsolescence of Compassion In Jingo America
5. Quillan - I Don't Want To Be Forgotten
  6. Soul Prophets - Changes
  7. Red Super Giant - Another Slow Sunday
  8. Mr. Lindquist - In Addition
  9. Both - You're Such A Bore
10. Father Hennepin - John's Song
  11. Ballyhoo - Forever
12. Chill 7 - Blue Pepper
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Live at Beaners One Week Item Number: 78957712992
Artist: Live at Beaners
Title: Live at Beaners One Week
Label: Beaner's Central
Format: CD
Released: 2002
Number of Discs: 2
Run Length: 107 min
Price: $14.97

In Stock

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