Live at Beaners
The fourth in the Beaner's One Week Live series, featuring Sara Softich, Brenda Weiler, New Primitives, and 15 more regional Minnesota bands and artists.

Track Listing
1. New Primitives - Could You Be Lovin'
  2. Beau Kinstler - Side Of The Road
  3. Sara Softich - Old Man Winter
4. Forty Watt Bulb - Shovels Length Short
  5. Joanna James - Desire
  6. Brenda Weiler - Tease
7. Charlie Parr - King Earl
  8. Hattie Peterson - No Room To Fall
  9. Jesse Luoma - Holy Dream
  10. Shelter Belt - In This Place
  11. Soule - Another Man's Wife
  12. Brianna Lane - Downpour
  13. Brooks West - Can't Survive On Live
14. Mary Bue - What Else Is There?
  15. Chris Koza - Divine Andromedary
  16. Erik Koskinen - Workin' On The Job Too Long
17. The Alrights - Not An Inch
  18. The Blend - Self-Assured
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Beaner's Central - One Week Live IV Item Number: 78957740192
Artist: Live at Beaners
Title: Beaner's Central - One Week Live IV
Label: Beaner's Central
Format: CD
Released: 2006
Number of Discs: 1
Run Length: 76 min
Price: $14.97

In Stock

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