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Ben Glaros

Ben GlarosBen Glaros grew up in the Twin Cities and survived his teen years by holing up in his bedroom learning classical and jazz guitar and jamming along with records by Hendrix, the Who and the Stones. Along with buddies Michael Ferrier and Steve Roehm (both now of Electropolis), Glaros started a band called the Odds that emulated and occasionally opened for our local heroes like the Suburbs and the Replacements.

Having neglected to do any homework in high school, Glaros leapt right into the Minneapolis music scene when his friends went off to college (Michael, Steve and he would later reconvene in Fire Under Water). Starting in 1988, he developed a pattern of joining bands like the Wraparounds, Second Nature and The Pedestrians that gained critical respect and small followings but broke up before they really got anywhere. As he was chipping away at the indie pop scene he was also always absorbing and learning new music. He explored blues with the Cooker John Band, jazz with Your Neighborhood Trio, free improv with Sci-Fi Sensations and was fortunate enough to study with guitar master Dean Magraw. I currently add guitar and harmony vocals to local rock veteran Wes Morden's band, the Middle States.

Glaros has dipped into the world of "money gigs but come to realize that sometimes even playing music can feel like just another job, so he's now committed to doing only what he feels like doing artistically. And right now he is drawing songs out of the experiences life hands him, and enjoying the freedom and flexibility of being a solo acoustic performer. His songwriting heroes (Neil Young, Robyn Hitchcock, Paul Westerberg) are not your typical "singer/songwriters" but artists who, like Glaros, have fallen in love with the crunch and feedback of an electric guitar but strive to write songs that are equally powerful in an acoustic setting.

Lovesong Roulette
Ben Glaros - Lovesong RouletteThe debut full-length album from Minneapolis songwriter and guitarist Ben Glaros explores the trajectory of love and the chances we take to find it. A collection of tracks that are at once familiar and fresh, these are songs you will carry with you. Drawing on influences from the canon of American rock, and at the same time expanding on them, this is a collection of tunes that will resonate with anyone who has spun the wheel and played the high-stakes game of love. The churning butterflies, the addictive smack of new romance, the rush of the first touch, the crushing blow of disappointment, and the re-building of a broken heart. These songs freely ranges through influences from Wilco to R.E.M., from Neil Young to Nick Drake; yet these influences only serve as touchstones as Glaros puts his own unique twist on these iconic styles, expertly weaving them together into a tapestry-like collection of song and story.
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