Bob Bingham
Bob's first album. Featuring Bob Bingham - guitar and vocal, and Craig Schumacher - harmonica on "El Capitan", and "Step It Up and Go".
Track Listing
1. Slidin Delta
  2. El Capitan
  3. Got a Real Bad Feelin
  4. Screamin and Cryin
5. Police Sargeant Blues
  6. Footsteps of a Fool
  7. Nightime is the Rightime
  8. That's No Way to Get Along
  9. If You Got a Good Gal
  10. Ragged and Dirty
  11. Step It Up and Go
12. Cradle to the Grave
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Bob Bingham - Alone at Last Item Number: 09999003322
Artist: Bob Bingham
Title: Alone at Last
Label: Mitawan Records
Format: CD
Released: 1998
Number of Discs: 1
Run Length: 37 min
Price: $14.97

Out of Stock

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