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Paul Kyle

Paul KyleBack in Ireland in 1979 Paul Kyle had just qualified as a medical doctor, and was rolling up his sleeves to head into a specialty field, when "the Lord got my attention and redirected me to opt out of medicine for 6 months, then a year, then two years, then 20 years, then....?"

Instead, Paul Kyle was called to care for and teach a wonderful group of young people that became known as the Community of the King, which grew up into a mature fellowship of people of all ages and (significantly in Northern Ireland,) both "persuasions" - Catholic and Protestant. They discovered that the "troubles" in the country were indeed over the sovereignty issue - and that only as each person encountered Jesus could true peace be found.

Part of the fruit of this experience was the first three Paul Kyle albums, Come Lord Jesus, Good Mornin' Dad, and O Ireland. People from both sides of Ireland's divided community worked together composing, performing and recording three albums of songs expressing their faith and their hope for a real and lasting peace in Ireland. Then in 1994, Paul, his wife Hillary, and their seven children moved from Belfast, Ireland to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Since moving to the US, Paul has recorded three new albums - The Voyage of the Bright Hostage, The Trek of the Bright Hostage, and The Voyage of the Bright Hostage.

The Flame is highlighted by the title song, originally written about passing the torch of faith from one generation to the next. First sung at a church in Sydney, Australia, a woman with a connection to the Olympic committee approached him afterward and insisted on getting a recording of the song so it could be a part of the September 15th opening games ceremony. It was recorded with assistance from Irish musicians, but eventually rejected as having a tempo that was too slow. But the song took on a life of its own, and people are singing it around the world.

The Flame
Paul Kyle - The Flame Featuring the title song "The Flame", written in the US, then recorded in Ireland and Australia, within a few weeks, in order to meet the Olympic deadline!
CD Price: Out of Stock
Come Lord Jesus
Paul Kyle - Come Lord Jesus Kyle's first album, containing his best known song after "The Flame", "Lord Jesus We Enthrone You." It features the songs from a celebration in music, dance and drama, which has been presented extensively in Ireland, and also in France and Africa, calling us to prepare for the return of Jesus, the King. The album features a choir from the Belfast community, and is classically arranged and beautifully produced by Paul McAree.
CD Price: $14.97
Good mornin' Dad
Paul Kyle - Good mornin' Dad Features the popular song by the same name that has helped many people come into a deeper experience of God the Father's love. It is a more contemporary album, recorded in partnership with my friend with "the amazing voice," Norman Mc Kinley. A great album to waken up to in the morning!
CD Price: $14.97
O Ireland
Paul Kyle - O Ireland Paul Kyle's most Celtic album with some wonderful traditional musicianship and female vocals. "I've never heard such a pure voice as that girl on "Be Thou My Vision" many have said. If you carry prayer for Ireland, these songs can both educate and inspire you. Some haunting arrangements by the Spirit of God (and McAree too!).
CD Price: $14.97
The Ascent of the Bright Hostage
Paul Kyle - The Ascent of the Bright Hostage The Ascent of the Bright Hostage is, after three years, finally completed!! (To paraphrase Gandalf, "God is never late, nor is He early, the album arrives precisely when it's meant to!") It is a brilliant Irish production of many long-awaited songs such as, "On the Day You were Born (the Freedom song"), "In My Father's House", ""Lord We Have Heard, and "Geoff's Song." It also comes complete with the booklet of meditations called "Gilbert's Journal Volume III ". (Someone has called it, "The thinking man's 'Revival in Belfast'!)
CD Price: $14.97
The Trek of the Bright Hostage
Paul Kyle - The Trek of the Bright Hostage The second in the three-CD series. It leads us into a profound awareness of who Jesus is, what he has done and what difference it can make in our lives and relationships. Songs to be moved by and to meditate on - helped again by Gilbert's musing in Volume 2 of his Journal.
CD Price: $14.97
The Voyage of the Bright Hostage
Paul Kyle - The Voyage of the Bright Hostage Reflectively created, with humor and a generous dose of social commentary, by this Belfast boy newly come to the land of Mickey Mouse and Big Mac. This album introduces you to the "wild goose" (the term the Celtic Saints used for the Spirit of God) and shows how he is involved in all of our lives, and the whole of life.
CD Price: $14.97
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