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The Singing Slovenes

The Singing SlovenesUnder the direction of Frank Bucar and assistant director Mary Spehar White, The Singing Slovenes were formed in the multi-ethnic community of Gary- New Duluth in 1980. The mission of the Minnesota ethnic non-profit singing group is to preserve Slovenian music and cultural heritage. Slovenia is an alpine country nestled between Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Croatia. Though the name of the troupe is indicative of the Slovenian heritage, the group boasts a wide and varied number of nationalities. The Singing Slovenes represent countries far and wide; Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Poland, France, Norway, Finland, and Sweden.

Sharing the joy of their musical heritage helps promote good fellowship and love of their neighbors through the use of their time and talents. These performances are educational as well as entertaining. Dressing in native costumes for performances at educational facilities gives the students the opportunity to experience other cultural attire. There are also geographical and language lessons that transpire during the course of the performance. The singers also appear at festivals, senior centers and nursing homes, as well as area churches, performing a liturgical Polka Mass. Instrumental accompaniment for the troupe is provided with accordions, guitars, and drums. The Singing Slovenes promote fellowship through music and cultural education, sharing the Slovenian heritage and preserving it for current and future generations.

The following members make up ”The Singing Slovenes”: Frank and Sharon Bucar, Mary Spehar-White, Joe and Alice Janchar, John and Polly Stojevich, Ann Menart, Gail Keefe, Seann  McGovern, Stephanie Fehringer, Bobby Logergren, Randy and Rose Hella, Frank B. Bucar, Leslie Bucar, Mark Spehar, Jen Brown, Barb Smolnikar-Larson, Denice Maciej, Joe Jagunich, DJ McClain and John Stark.

Ethnic Strains of the Singing Slovenes
The Singing Slovenes - Ethnic Strains of the Singing Slovenes Their debut CD, featuring ethnic Slovenian songs.
CD Price: $14.97
Heavenly Strains of the Singing Slovenes
The Singing Slovenes - Heavenly Strains of the Singing Slovenes Their rendition of the Polka Mass. "Lord, We Bring You These Gifts" is taken from the Croatian melody "Lubav je Ruza", with litugical lyrics by Seann McGovern, son of the late Delores McGovern, a faithful follower and fan of the group.
CD Price: $14.97
Zivio, Cheers!
The Singing Slovenes - Zivio, Cheers! Exemplifies this energetic group of individuals who bring their smiles and enthusiasm wherever they perform. This third CD follows the first two highly successful recirdings, with 19 new ethnic Slovenian songs.
CD Price: $14.97
The Singing Slovenes - Triglav With their latest CD, you will most certainly recognize the familiar styles of Lojze Slak and Franc Mihelic and a blend of old traditional melodies and brand new songs from Slovenia. This CD features songs such as; "Mi Se Imamo Radi "(We Like Everybody), the crowd pleasing, "Ta Glazek Je Prazen" (This Glass is Empty", this CD offers the Singing Slovenes styling's on an all-time classic, the timeless "Edelweiss", and, of course, the title track of this CD, "Triglav". Sit back and relax, (if you can) and listen to the sounds of "The Singing Slovenes", as they present to you, "Triglav".
CD Price: $14.97
Bier is Gut, Wein is Gut, Sex is Gut
The Frankie Bucar Band - Bier is Gut, Wein is Gut, Sex is Gut The Singing Slovenes' director Frank Bucar put together this band that features several of the Singing Slovenes, including Bobby Logergren, Mary Spehar White, and Denny Anderson.
CD Price: $14.97
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