Hymns Resources and Liturgical Music Resources.

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Free and low-cost resources for hymns and other liturgical music. Includes nondenominational hymns and other liturgical music, as well as for numerous denominations including Catholic, United Methodist, Evangelical Lutheran, The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod, Orthodox Christian Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons), First Presbyterian Church, The Salvation Army, Southern Baptist Convention, Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, United Reformed Church in the UK, and more.

  • Thomas Ravenscroft's Psalter
    This is a scan of the Early English Text series microfilm of this book. Each page was scanned at 300 dots per inch. You can download the entire book, suitable for printing. It is 13 megabytes. Some of these Songs are available in modern notation.
  • SmallChurchMusic.com
    Offers over 15,000 public domain (no copyright) audio files that can be downloaded freely. Most of the 2008 Baptist Hymnal is on this website but each Song and style (organ, piano, small band, etc.) must be downloaded individually and some Songs only have a copyrighted organ accompaniment for purchase and download. They also have Chinese, Indonesian, Korean, Thai, German, Latvian, Russian, and Spanish Songs all available for download. Any Songs that are recorded and copyrighted may be downloaded for $.50 per Song.
  • Sacred Choral Music by William Stevens
    This site offers music that William Stevens has written for worship at Augsburg Lutheran Church in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. As you browse the pages, if you find anything that you believe you can use for your church choir or your chorus, feel free to print it out and make copies. The music is in portable document format (pdf). The music may look a bit jagged on the screen, but it prints out clearly.
  • Sacred Harp Singing
    A uniquely American tradition that brings communities together to sing four-part hymns and anthems
  • ServiceMusic: Music for church worship
    Their aim is to provide your church with music of quality and integrity, with cost and copyright hassles eliminated as far as is reasonably possible. Your church, whether large or small, should find most items readily accessible and flexible enough to suit your local resources.
  • The SDA Digital Hymnal
    Pablo Aguilar; Seventh Day Adventist
  • The Southern Harmony
    works of William "Singing Billy" Walker.
  • ST Sacred Music
    Stephen Tappe is a composer, arranger, conductor, choir trainer, organist, liturgist, editor, and engraver based near Denver, Colorado. This site offers access to compositions and commissions as well as to arranging, music engraving and editing services.
  • Trinity Hymnal Resources
    The original Trinity Hymnal was published in 1961 and enjoyed wide use in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church and other Reformed churches.
  • UUMN Index of Music for Themed Worship
    The Unitarian Universalist Music Ministries database of music for themed worship.
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