Online Music Dictionary of Musical Terms Beginning With X.

Online Music Dictionary of Musical Terms Beginning With X


Xaphoon: A single-reed keyless bamboo wind instrument invented during the 1970s by the American instrument maker Brian Wittman. Also called a Maui Xaphoon or Bamboo Sax.

Xiaoluo: A small Chinese gong beaten with a stick or a thin plate.

Xylophone: A percussion instrument consisting of a row of chromatically tuned wooden bars, arranged in the manner of a piano keyboard and struck by plastic, wooden, or rubber mallets. Can also be tuned to different scale systems depending on their origin, including pentatonic, heptatonic, and diatonic.

Xylorimba: A pitched percussion instrument corresponding to a xylophone with an extended range to include those pitches normally in the range of the marimba. The xylorimba has a range of five octaves: from the C one octave below middle C to the C four octaves above middle C (C3 to C8).

Last updated: 3/6/2023