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Native American Music Sites
Native American Music Resources

  • AIROS Native Network
    A web-based aggregate site for audio and video content by, for and about Native producers, artists, and performers.
  • The Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards
    A cknowledges and honours the keepers, teachers, promoters, creators and performers of Aboriginal music, and continues to develope and promote the diversity of all Aboriginal music and celebrate the excellence of Aboriginal music and to recognize the unique vision of Aboriginal musicians and encourage this rich cultural voice.
  • Dakota/Lakota Singing
    Offers collection of Dakota songs complete pow wow listings for Minnesota, Wisconsin, North and South Dakota.
  • DANCING TO EAGLE SPIRIT SOCIETY ~ Serving the two spirited community and their allies
    The purpose of the society is to advance Native American healing and spiritual principles for aboriginal and non-aboriginal people who self identify as two spirit persons. To educate the public on the Sweat lodge ceremony and other Native American spiritual practices.
  • The Densmore Project: Music of the Native Peoples of North America
    The goal of the Densmore Project is to encourage awareness and understanding of traditional Native American music by providing documentary materials and research tools via the world-wide web.
  • Earthsongs - Modern Music from Native America
    Each week, Earthsongs gives Public Radio and Net listeners the chance to explore the Native influences that help shape and define contemporary American music. Host Gregg McVicar (Tlingit) provides knowledgeable commentary, weekly artist features and a smart music selection that makes Earthsongs the type of unexpected, exciting programming that quickly becomes a weekly habit. Earthsongs is distributed by American Indian Radio On Satellite and can be heard on radio stations across the country. You can also tune into AIROS on the net to hear Earthsongs in Real Audio.
  • Gathering of Nations Internet Radio
    Featuring an eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary Native American (indigenous) Music including Flute, Jazz, Rap, Hip Hop, Reggae, Blues, and Powwow Music from Champion Drum Groups and Singers.
  • Healing Songs of the American Indians
    When some American Indian medicine men and women were called upon to heal an ailing tribesmember, they would fast in order to receive a song in dream or vision instructing them in how to carry out the treatment of their patient. This is one of the many insights on American Indian healing practices reported by Dr. Frances Densmore. Over the course of 50 years, Dr. Densmore collected more than 2000 recordings of American Indian customs and traditions in song. Compiled in this CD are recordings of medicine men from a diverse representation of tribes singing and chanting those songs, delivered to them in dream by external powers and spirits, that they used to heal the sick.
  • International Native American Flute Association
    An organization whose goal is to foster the preservation, appreciation, and advancement of the Native American flute.
  • Iroquois Social Dances and Songs
  • KNBA 90.3 fm
    Unique blend of adult alternative and native music, news, and community affairs.
  • NativeRadio
    Your portal to the beauty and mystery of Native American Music. We are the largest source of Native American music on the Web.
  • Native America Calling
    A live call-in program, linking public radio stations, the Internet and listeners together into a thought-provoking national conversation about issues specific to Native communities. Each program engages noted guests and experts with callers throughout the United States and is designed to improve the quality of life for Native Americans. Native America Calling is heard on more than 30 stations in the United States and in Canada by more than 37,000 listeners each week.
  • Native American Music
    Britannica Online Encyclopedia article.
  • Native American Music Awards
  • Native American Music Resources on TeacherVision
    Certified, expertly curated teaching resources.
  • Native American Songs
    Teaching Native American History and Culture, and Songs Written and Performed by Native Americans.
  • Native American Songs and Chants
    Native American song and chant music files in Standard MIDI format.
    Native American Music and More!
  • Native Spirit Radio
    Provides Native American music from across the country. From Powwow music to Native American Church, traditional songs from different tribes, to contemporary style like Rock, Country, Blues, and Country. Native people are producing a lot of music and this show is one of the few they can get showcased on.
  • Notes on Indian Music
    Information on the technical aspects of Native American music and their differences from western music.
  • Omaha Indian Music
    Presented here are selections from the American Folklife Center's collections documenting Omaha music traditions. The sound recordings include 44 wax cylinder recordings made in the 1890s (first published on a 1985 LP entitled Omaha Indian Music: Historical Recordings from the Fletcher/La Flesche Collection), 323 songs and spoken-word segments from the 1983 Omaha harvest celebration pow-wow, 24 spoken-word segments from an interview with an Omaha elder in 1983, 25 songs and speeches from a performance by members of the Hethu'shka Society (recorded at the Library of Congress in 1985), and 61 spoken word segments from an interview conducted with an Omaha musician in 1999.
  • Painted Sky Native American Music Festival
    Dedicated to showcasing the finest Native Musicians of North America.
  • Native American Music Fund
    The Native American Music Fund was established to intoduce music education to Native American children.
  • The Power of Kiowa Song
    A small sample of Kiowa songs intended for use with The Power of Kiowa Song: A Collaborative Ethnography, by Luke E. Lassiter.
  • Resources for Teaching the Music of Native American Peoples
    How a person who is neither of Native American descent nor related to a Native American person can teach the music of Native American peoples with integrity.
  • Redhawk Indian Arts Council
    A not-for-profit organization founded and maintained by Native Americans and dedicated to educating the general public about Native American heritage through song, dance, works of art and other cultural forms of expression.
  • Rising Sun Productions
    A licensed booking agency and management company representing some of North America's top Indigenous artists.
  • Saste Takoja Singers
    The Saste Takoja Singers are a northern powwow drum group who sing in memory and in honor of their native ancestors and relatives. Several times, the group has been honored to serve as a "Host Northern Powwow Drum" and in 2001. Includes the Lakota history behind the Saste Takoja drum and information about the singers, audio clips of the group, pictures of the singers, and their powwow schedule.
  • John Two-Hawks - Native American Flute Music
    Grammy® and Emmy nominated, Platinum Award winning Native American Flute Music Recording Artist, Author and Activist John Two-Hawks has spent his life looking intensely into the deep ways of Spirit, wisdom, healing and connection.
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