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Celebrity Musician, Singer and Band Photos

Jimi HendrixWe offer a wide range of 8" X 10" celebrity musician, singer and band photos for sale. These include legendary band photos of The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Doors, The Grateful Dead, KISS, Led Zepplin, Queen, and The Rolling Stones; singer photos including Cher, Nat "King" Cole, Elvis, Billie Holiday, Peggy Lee, Madonna, Willie Nelson, Selena, and Frank Sinatra; and musician photos including Louis Armstrong, Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Holly, Glen Miller, and Frank Zappa.


These photos are great For home, office or restaurant decor. We have a variety of photo sizes (although our core size is 8" x 10"), and many classic photos are black and white. Please note - these are NOT posters, but actual photos. We print all our photos on high quality photographic paper. In addition, we also have a number of 11" x 14" sepia toned prints which are not actual photos.


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