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Sound and Image Databases and Collections

  • Classical Archives
    Hundreds of thousands of classical music files.
  • The Classical Composers Database
    Classical music composers, compositions, sheet music, recordings, MP3, books, DVDs, news, and more.
  • Classical Composers Photo Archives
    Contains images of more than 300 composers of classical music and opera.
  • Classical Guitar Midi Archives
    2984 classical guitar song MIDI files from 89 composers.
  • Classical MIDI Connection
    The Classical MIDI Connection is designed for classical music enthusiasts. It provides an easy method of accessing MIDI sequences of classical music. You can browse the site and listen to and/or save any of the sequences available.
  • Classical MIDI Files
    A range of popular classical pieces for free download as MIDI files.
  • Classical MIDI Organ Stop
    A sizeable collection of classical and religious pipe organ sequences.
  • Classical MIDI Resource
    A comprehensive collection of Classical music, performed by the Web's most talented, MIDI and MP3 - savvy musicians. Also featured along with the MIDI files are MP3 audio files, rendered on state-of-the-art equipment from selected MIDI files posted on CMR, or the composer's own, also with an emphasis on quality.
  • Classical Music MIDI Page
    Files and biographical information of a number of popular composers including Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt, Rachmaninov and Tchaikovsky.
  • ChoralWiki
    Home of the Choral Public Domain Library.
  • Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music
    A joint project of the University of Oxford and Royal Holloway, University of London, this site provides access to enhanced images of some 400 fragmentary British manuscripts of medieval polyphonic music. Note: Access to this site is restricted. Full details appear on the project website.
  • FindSounds
    Not a database, but a specialized search engine. Search for sample sounds and sound effects at this file search engine. Offers directory, keyword and sonic similarity search functions.
  • Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives
    A heavy metal encyclopedia with information, complete discography, links, images, and reviews.
  • Freesound
    Freesound is a collaborative database of Creative Commons Licensed sounds. Browse, download and share sounds.
  • International Music Score Library Project (IMSLP)
    a subscription-based project for the creation of a virtual library of public domain music scores, based on the wiki principle. Since its launch on February 16, 2006, over 370,000 scores and 42,000 recordings for over 110,000 works by over 14,000 composers have been uploaded.
  • Jazz Music Library
    The largest and most comprehensive collection of streaming jazz available online — with thousands of jazz artists, ensembles, albums, and genres.
  • Kunst der Fuge
    The largest classical music resource in .mid files. You may listen to 5 files/day for free or you may subscribe to listen to or download unlimited MIDI & ZIP files including our sheet music collection in PDF format.
  • Lyrically
    An online wiki-based lyrics database and encyclopedia.
  • MetroLyrics
    A searchable lyrics database featuring 1,000,000+ song lyrics from 20,000+ artists.
  • MuseScore
    Bring sheet music to life by creating digital interactive editions. Free for everyone, for any purpose, for evermore.
  • MusicBrainz
    An open music encyclopedia that collects music metadata and makes it available to the public.
  • Music for Pianos
    A large number of MIDI files from the classical repertoire including piano solos, duets, and arrangements of ballet and opera music.
  • Musixmatch
    The world's largest lyrics platform where users can search and share lyrics.
  • Mutopia Project
    Music that's free to download, modify, print, copy, distribute, perform, and record – all in the Public Domain or under Creative Commons licenses, in PDF, MIDI, and editable LilyPond file formats.
  • Standard MIDI files on the Net
    site provides direct access to several popular search engines and links to more than 30,000 MIDI databases/collections.
  • The Silvis Woodshed
    A collection of midi files and tools to help singers learn their notes so that they can be ready to turn it into music when they go to rehearsal.
  • Song of America
    Song of America is a database resource where you can listen to songs, learn more about them, read their lyrics, find scores, and link to relevant Web sites.