Women's Music Resources - Women in Music


A list of sites that provide information about women in music. This list does not contain links to sites about individual women singers, artists or musicians.

  • 19th Century Women Composers and Musicians
    The guide is to aid those researching the role of women composers and musicians during the 19th century.
  • BBC Radio 3 - Celebrating Women Composers
    Explore and learn more about women composers and listen to hours of archive material.
  • Beats By Girlz
    A non-traditional, creative and educational music technology curriculum, collective, and community template designed to empower females to engage with music technology.
  • Bibliography of Sources Related to Women's Studies, Gender Studies, Feminism, and Music
    Society for Music Theory: Committee on the Status of Women.
  • California Women’s Music Festival
    The California Women's Music Festival began as an idea between like minded women who wanted to create a culture and community of sisterhood among the local area performers, artists, and musicians. This desire brought together a committee of women committed to furthering the format for all women to come together to celebrate each other. California Women's Music Festival is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization.
  • Choral Music by Women Composers
    This searchable, sortable database lists sample repertoire for all voicings by women composers of all eras, and is intended to be an ever-evolving resource for conductors interested in programming music by women.
  • Composer Diversity Database
    The Composer Diversity Database was created to allow conductors, performers, presenters, educators, and researchers a tool with which to expand and broaden their scope of composers and repertoire.
  • Concert and Sacred Music by Women Composers
    The Arsis Press website : The Arsis Press publishs and promotes music by contemporary women composers.
  • Directory of Women in Professional Audio and Production
    This directory provides a listing of women in disciplines industry-wide for networking and hiring. It’s free – add your name, upload your resume, and share with your colleagues across the industry.
  • Diverse Composers of Wind Band Musichttps://womeninmusicdirectory.wordpress.com/
    This directory provides a listing of women in disciplines industry-wide for networking and hiring. It’s free – add your name, upload your resume, and share with your colleagues across the industry.
  • Female Frequency
    A music collective dedicated to empowering women and girls in the music industry through the creation of media that is entirely female generated.
  • female pressure
    An international network of female, transgender and non-binary artists in the fields of electronic music and digital arts founded by Electric Indigo: from musicians, composers and DJs to visual artists, cultural workers and researchers. A worldwide resource of talent that can be searched after criteria like location, profession, style or name.
  • FEMMUSIC.com
    The Place For Emerging Women In Music.
  • Girls Rock Camp Alliance
    An international membership network of youth-centered arts and social justice organizations. They provide resources and space for community building to our membership in order to build a strong movement for collective liberation.
  • GoGirlsMusic.com
    Founded in early 1996, the organization works tirelessly to help artists through education, networking, and events like the GoGirlsMusicFest, Invasion of the GoGirls during SXSW, GoGirls @ Folk Alliance and more.
  • IAWM
    International Alliance for Women in Music. Builds awareness of women's contributions to musical life through its publications, website, international competitions, conferences and congresses, concert promotion, and presentation, and through its support of entrepreneurial and publishing activities, scholarly research and publications, broadcasts, educations initiatives, and advocacy work.
  • Institute for Musical Arts
    A non-profit teaching, performing, and recording facility dedicated to supporting women in music and its related business.
  • International Women's Brass Conference
    Exists to provide opportunities that will educate, support, develop, and inspire all women brass players who wish to pursue professional careers in music. Membership is open to all women and men who would like to support this effort.
  • Leonarda Productions
    Has classical, Medieval and Contemporary Recordings, Books, Music, Posters of and by women composers.
  • Listening to Ladies
    Listening to Ladies is a podcast which first aired on September 26th, 2016. The episodes feature excerpts from interviews with composers who are women, interwoven with samples of their work. Interviewees include established, emerging and under-recognized composers from the USA, Canada, Argentina, Israel, Iran, Scotland, England, and Australia.
  • The Maud Powell Society for Music and Education
    Dedicated to preserving the legacy of American violinist Maud Powell (1867-1920) and furthering her musical ideals by encouraging young people to cultivate music. The Society is a resource on American and British classical music history and the significant contributions women have made to music throughout the ages. This site offers information about Maud Powell and the Society's programs, publications and events including its magazine on women in classical music.
  • Music Biz Besties
    A music community space for women to chat specifically about the music business and connect with other powerful women in the industry. Founder Katherine Forbes teaches online marketing strategy and the importance of messaging to help others grow an audience they love interacting with.
  • Musik von Komponistinnen (Music by Women Composers)
    Information (biographies, lists of compositions, photos) on around 150 women composers published by Furore publishing house.
  • National Association of Black Female Executives in Music and Entertainment, Inc. (NABFEME)
    A 501 (c) (6) nonprofit professional organization led by volunteer entertainment executives, NABFEME was launched in February 1999 with a mission to raise the profile and elevate the awareness of Black women in music and entertainment. NABFEME accomplishes its mission through activities that foster empowerment, education, mentoring, career development and networking.
  • New York Women Composers, Inc.
    A New York not-for-profit corporation controlled by its members, all of whom are women composers of serious concert music or are women in musical occupations who support the composers in their efforts to be recognized.
  • PRS Women for Music Foundation: Women Make Music
    Women Make Music supports the development of outstanding women songwriters and composers of all genres and backgrounds at different stages of their career. The fund can support projects by women songwriters, composers, artists, bands and performers who are writing their own music.
  • Florence Beatrice Smith Price (1888-1953)
    Correspondence, musical scores, and other papers, 1906-1975 collection, University of Arkansas Libraries.
  • Rag House Records
    Rag House Records, Rag House Radio and RagMag have been created to empower, encourage, support and promote women/girls in music, sports and entertainment all around the world!
  • shesaid.so
    A curated network of women with active roles in the music industry. Their vision is to create an environment that supports collaboration, creativity and positive values.
  • SoundGirls.Org
    SoundGirls.Org was formed in 2013 by veteran live sound engineers Karrie Keyes and Michelle Sabolchick Pettinato and operates under the Fiscal Sponsorship of The California Women’s Music Festival, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Their mission is to create a supportive community for women in audio and music production, providing the tools, knowledge, and support to further their careers.
  • Women Composers
    Database created by Kapralova Society of women composers of classical music whose works have been released on compact disc, with link to online resources when it exists.
  • Women Composers in Oxford Music Online
  • Women Composers of Wind Band Music
    Google document.
  • #WomenCrush Music
    A non-profit organization whose mission is to support rising women songwriters by hosting showcases, workshops and networking events, all while creating a safe community in each chapter, nationally and internationally.
  • Women in Jazz
    Women in Jazz Association, Inc. was founded by Pamela and Kevin Hart to provide Women in Jazz Concert Series and Vocal Performance Workshops for performance opportunities and experiences of professional and amateur jazz vocalists in the Austin metropolitan area. Women in Jazz Association, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.
  • Women in Music
    Women in Music believes that the conversation around equality is an inclusive discussion where all voices are welcome. Our members are women at all stages in their careers — from students to seasoned industry veterans — and men who support our cause. We are record label executives, artist managers, songwriters, musicians, attorneys, recording engineers, agents, publicists, studio owners, music publishers, online and traditional marketers and more.
  • Women in Music with Laney Goodman
    Women in Music with Laney Goodman is a weekly, one-hour radio series with an eclectic mix of some of the best music of female artists from around the world. Women in Music is heard on 100+ national markets each week and internationally.
  • Women in Music Timeline
    Oxford Music Online.
  • Women’s Audio Mission
    A San Francisco/Oakland-based nonprofit organization that uses music and media and an incredible "carrot" of a training environment – the only professional recording studio in the world built and run by women – to attract over 1,500 underserved women and girls every year to STEM and creative technology studies that inspire them to amplify their voices and become the innovators of tomorrow. WAM’s award-winning curriculum weaves art and music with science, technology and computer programming and works to close the critical gender gap in creative technology careers.
  • Women’s Philharmonic Advocacy
    Women’s Philharmonic Advocacy is a non-profit organization founded in 2008 in order to: Recognize the achievement of The Women’s Philharmonic (1980-2004) over their 24 years of activity; Build on this work by advocating for the performance of women composers by orchestras and ensembles; Address the place of women composers (historic and contemporary) in today’s repertoire of orchestras and ensembles in the US and internationally; Present information that highlights the shortage of programming of works by women, the heritage of TWP emphasizes that this should and can be corrected.