Online Music Dictionary of Musical Terms Beginning With E.

Online Music Dictionary of Musical Terms Beginning With E


E: The key of E.

Eighth: An octave.

Eighth Note: A note played an eighth of the duration of a whole note.

Elegy: A melancholy piece.

Eleventh: The interval of eleven diatonic degrees.

Embellishment: ornaments added to music to make it more interesting.

Ensemble: A group of singers, or instrumentalists.

Equal Temperament: Any tuning system which divides the octave into equal intervals.

Ethnomusicology: The study of various types of music in relation to their geographic, racial, and cultural context.

Etude: A short Song, usually written for pedagogical or instructional use.

Evaded Cadence: A cadence that implies one type of resolution, but goes to another instead.

Even Tuning: See equal temperament.

Excercise: A short piece written to improve performance technique.

Exposition: The first occurence of the theme or subject in a work, where the prinicpal idea of the piece is stated.

Expressionism: An early 20th-century musical style, employing an abstract approach to music, unlike impressionism.

Last updated: 3/6/2023